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Building your own end to end solution for your Forwarder or Broker Operations

This is a two day seminar where you and your key staff can learn how to build your own system that will give you and your company a system that will interface with and compliment your current software products. This will allow you to express your system requirements into terms that your internal operations will understand.

This “how to” class will be conducted by Hank Ulrich. Hank is a frequent speaker at industry events where he has provided many participants with a blue-print on how to develop their own systems. He has done this for many of the top Forwarders and Brokers along with startup companies of less than 4 people. This two day seminar will cover:

  • Getting organized and forming the right team
    • Develop a list of essential requirements for your business by business segment
      • Customs Brokerage
        • ISF
        • De-Consolidation Services
          • Settlement with agents
          • Notification
          • Automatic feed from Overseas etc.
        • ACE Meeting the new ACE requirement
        • ACS Meeting the current ABI operations etc
      • Freight Forwarding
        • NVOCC support
        • Straight Forwarding
        • Known Shipper module and controls
        • Utilization of an Inventory system
        • FMC Filing and Freight Rating that can be used in operations and compliance
        • AES
        • Export Documentation (Over 30 different documents)
        • Air Freight
          • CASS
            • Freight Rating Comparison
      • A accounting
        • A/R Credit and collection tools needed
        • A/P Controls on expenses and issuance of checks etc
        • General Ledger
        • Job Cost
      • Management Information
        • Information that you need to make sure that your operations are running efficiently
      • Customer Service
        • In today’s market this is where the rubber meets the road along with the price of your service.
        • Interactive Status Inquiry
          • Web enabled
          • Document Image Supported
          • Event driven
        • Reports
          • Using your own Report Generator that is accessed by your customers.
          • Landed Cost analysis
          • MBO Management By Objectives
  • Data bases that you will need to support your requirements outlined from above needs.
    • What data bases are available from the Government
    • Which data bases you should develop within your firm
    • Secure data base access and management
  • Computer Platforms that you might consider. We believe that we can provide objective points of consideration that you should consider when choosing a computer to run your business
  • Develop internally or shop the 85 vendors providing software today.
    • Pros ongoing internal
    • Pros on using a package
    • Perhaps a Hybrid
  • Supporting Agent offices you may have overseas that negotiate deals
    • Purchase Order Expediting
    • Provide direct input into the Import Process through:
      • PREALERT Process
      • ISF Operations
      • Other
  • Security considerations for the shipment and how to automate the reporting of the security
  • Duty Drawback, are you taking advantage of this?
  • FTZ are you taking advantage of this?
    • Do you know how to file electronically
    • Case examples of companies saving Millions
  • EDI
    • Link to you suppliers
    • Link to Steamship Lines
      • GTNEXUS
      • INTTRA
    • Link to Airlines and other agents
      • CARGO 2000
  • Essential Management Information for you and your Company
    • Supplier Performance
    • Forwarder Performance
    • Broker Performance
    • Open L/C control
    • Import/export License controls
  • Taking advantage of today’s technology
    • RFID
    • Wireless
    • Image Processing
    • Generating Document forms without buying forms
    • Leveraging email to do document distribution
    • Linking parties throughout the supply chain and avoiding data re-entry
  • Leveraging Government Agencies and knowing who to go to when.
  • Learn how to use a Process Flowchart tool. This may become very valuable when addressing the process within your organization and others
  • Building the system tools that will assist in your sales and customer service. A good system should help you grow organically and be flexible enough to take on new lines of business. We plan to have two spokespersons from the field of importing and exporting speak at this seminar.
  • Web Portals and how they may change your business
    • A new tool for marketing your firm
      • But do you know how to not land up on page 12 of a search?
      • We will provide you experienced web marketing expert and his views on your approach in the future
    • A new tool for Operations
      • Documents and images sent via a PDF
      • The chain of information can be forged by allowing multiple parties access to a transaction from end to end.
  • This is a course where you will receive supporting material and documentation. You should be prepared to go through a case study where we will create a new business or an existing small business that wants to expand its operations.
  • The facility that we have chosen is the 106 acre DOLCE Palisades Conference Center. It is alongside the Hudson River, just 20 minutes from New York and Westchester. This conference center is equipped the latest state of the art conference equipment.
  • The facility provides for areas that will give you a chance to meet the others attending the seminar and discuss the topics covered while enjoying a beverage before or after dinner. To take a look at the facility we suggest you take this link and explore through the website what there is for you to do while not in the class.

Cost to attend

The following cost includes the two day seminar, its materials, full buffet breakfast, full buffet luncheons, coffee breaks, and overnight accommodations along with on premises recreational facilities, Tennis Courts, Lap-Pool & Jogging trails and gratitude’s.

 Per PersonAddl Person
Complete Meeting Package$880$780
Day Guest Package (all but Accommodations)$680$580

Early bird special will allow you to deduct $100 if you’ve registered before September 18th 2009.

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