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Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software

 At e2e, we produce the best digital purchase order and logistic software you can find. There is a delay and an added cost each time a mistake is made in the record-keeping process, repeated efforts, waste of time, a slowdown in operations, and probably even loss of data is probable when there’s no possession of a purchase order management software. 

Keeping track of purchase orders and logistic information can be easier, trusted, accurate, and dependable with our cloud-based purchase order management system. Our applications and software designed to keep track of purchase orders are of top-level quality, as we have been into logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearance, 3PL, and other software for top businesses on the IBM framework for several years doing quality work. 

Leading Customizable Purchase Order Software Solutions

Here are examples of some of our leading purchase order software solutions and applications:

  • ACE Customs Brokerage Software

The Customs Brokerage for the Automated Commercial Environment is a new wave of customs entry processing that appeals to custom brokers, freight forwarders, and Consolidators or De-consolidators, providing a gateway to export through a comprehensive system with a huge and consistent feel. 

A few features of the software include assigning entry numbers, prompting, and recording all tariff numbers. These Integrated databases allow a user to record entry-related data and reuse it easily. It performs all duty calculations, including duty, HMF, MPF, Countervailing Duties and Anti-Dumping, and historical data retention of all entries. 

Our average experience rate in import customs brokerage exceeds 25 years, and we have experienced staff who approached the ACE application with the involvement of key brokers, forwarders, and importers.

  • Purchase Order Expediting & Tracking (POET/POET Forwarder) 

There are increased demands on customer service departments of Companies. Having to obtain information about pending orders, mistakes in items shipped or entries, or one thing and the other, the strain on customer service departments can get too much and alter the flow of work, the efficiency of customer service representatives, and the trust and patience of clients and customers. 

What’s the way out? With POET, clients can go through a secured website to input purchase order information, thereby decreasing the number of errors caused by manual entry, reduce the cost of manual data entry, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing labor costs. 

With POET, there’s web-based inventory availability where suppliers can check real-time inventory to enable them to choose alternate choices if the first choices are not available. Further, POET sends an automatic notification to all parties involved when an order is received, delivered, shipped. Fortune 5oo uses this system to manage demand for clients.

  • Freight Portal 

This portal allows freight forwarders the opportunity to get the tools necessary to create accurate rate quotes consistently. Freight portal automates the process of contacting multiple parties around the world. It automatically populates quotes into a word document and e-mails them to the client for approval. It creates a compliant system with FMC regulations that calculates a quote’s profitability, streamlines the process, and packages it attractively with the freight forwarder logo.

Avoid repeated efforts, mistakes, and delays and instead improve the whole process and increase your businesses’ accuracy and effectiveness by procuring your purchase order management software. It’s an asset as it doesn’t just ease up the process but helps you save millions of dollars. It’s an investment worth making.

Companies have been able to save so much more and get work done effectively by moving freight efficiently, reducing duty costs, and optimizing shipments. Wouldn’t you like to have e2e do the same for you? Secure your software today!

If you’d love to acquire effective online purchase order applications, contact e2e to learn more about the best logistics software on the market today: (631) 845-1010. 

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Purchase Order Software

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