POET (Purchase Order Expediting & Tracking System)
Clients Directly Enter Purchase Order Information via the Web

Do You Have Increased Customer Service Demands?

Many companies face increasing demands on their customer service departments, to obtain information about pending orders, mistakes in the entries, mistakes in items shipped and more. Customer service departments are pushed to their limits and client satisfaction can suffer.

In today's environment, customers become increasingly impatient and demand perfection. Mistakes in orders (even if it is their mistake) are inexcusable and can often lead to reductions in or elimination of accounts. You need to ensure that purchase orders are filled quickly and accurately every time.

POET Expedites Purchase Orders

The POET system provides a secure website through which your clients can directly input purchase order information into your system. In doing so, you:
  • Reduce your own labor costs
  • Decrease the amount of errors caused by manual entry
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a higher percentage of orders filled accurately and quickly
  • Provide another justification for them to choose your company
Additionally, POET provides web-based inventory availability for suppliers around the globe. Through POET they can check real-time inventory availability before placing their order, enabling them to choose alternate items if their first choice is unavailable.

Purchase Order Automatic Notifications

POET sends automatic e-mail acknowledgments to all parties of the transaction when an order is received, accepted, shipped, and delivered. This can reduce your customer service inquiries significantly. This system is used today by major Fortune 500 companies to manage demand from their clients.

Reduce the Cost of Manual Data Entry

All too often, your clients send you faxes, scans, PDFs and emails of order requests. Your team must then manually enter the data into your system. Instead of having the client create the order, send the order, and you re-enter the order, isn't there a better way?

POET is Self-Funding and Quickly Pays for Itself

By reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction, you can handle more customer orders quickly and effectively. This leads to longer client retention, generating significant revenue over time. Additionally, when the client becomes more confident that you provide the most realiable and easy-to-use source of products, he or she will return again and again to order from you.

POET gives your client the easy-to-use tools that allow them to enter their purchase orders quickly, efficiently and accurately each time.

Who Would Use POET?

As an example, a major manufacturer of cosmetics may have their client, a major retailer, use the POET system to place their order. The client could then monitor the status of their shipment online to obtain information such as estimated delivery time, price confirmation, and backorder status.

This system is also extremely useful to manufacturers and consolidators who may submit several purchase orders for component parts to multiple vendors simultaneously. They will then need to monitor those orders to ensure that all parts are available when manufacturing or a consolidated shipment is scheduled.

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