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Import Software & Import Logistics Solutions

For three decades, we have designed logistics systems for the leading importers and other related parties, throughout the world. Designed to scale to the enterprise, more than half our users are small local companies.

Import Software

Our solutions are available for those who are responsible for the compliance to today’s regulations. Our ISF software is a global web-portal delivering access to authorized parties involved in AMS 10+2 ISF requirements.

Our deconsolidation module in our import software advises the trading partners of goods scheduled to arrive and what steps are required to clear good through Customs. Our import arrival system takes in feeds from EDI and ISF based solutions, delivering the most current information. This module to the import software system also helps agents at the destination to perform their settlement with the agents at origin, accounting for the charges incurred.

The systems can generate an “Arrival Notice Due Bill” printed with the branding of the arrival agent.

The import systems’ accounting is fed into the corporate accounting records, to accurately share data. This information is audited to ensure that charges are correct and according to the established tariffs entered into the system by the client.

The system is capable of sending notifications via Excel records or PDF, depending on the needs of the parties.

The data from the import software system is fed into the ACE and ABI Customs Clearance module, which can generate and produce all required forms.

Long History of Import Software

The founders of e2e where the first in history to successfully send and receive ABI messages, all the way back in the mid-eighties. We continue that process today, passing the latest CATAIR records into Customs with our import software systems.

More challenging entries, including watch, sets, A.I.I. entries, are now far easier and simpler with our import system. The ABI correspondence is automatically fed into our tracking system, taking images of the forms generated (including as CF7501, CF7512, Delivery Orders, etc.) and then makes them available to your trading partners via the web.

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