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e2e Freight Portal

Is Your NVOCC or Steamship Line In Compliance and Profitable?

Most companies like yours struggle with both compliance and the need to generate competitive pricing quotes that allow for a true profit determination and split for agents and consolidators.

Your customers are shopping the industry for the best rates. Are you quoting rates that will win the business but sink your company?

How Many Losses Can You Afford?

If you don’t bring the control and analysis to issuing Freight Quotes, you will be putting your company at financial risk. If the salesperson is promising A and your operations delivers B, you will discredit your organization and cause significant financial damage to your company.

You Must be in Compliance

We know that you must be in compliance for the FMC. Are you? Are other firms that have these systems stealing the life blood of your operation by issuing quotes that seem to beat your price?

Freight Portal: Compliance with Accurate and Profitable Quotes

The Freight Portal system is designed to provide freight forwarders or consolidators with the tools necessary to consistently create accurate rate quotes.

With Freight Portal, you integrate the functions of providing a Freight Quote to a customer into a disciplined process including input from sales, customers, rate desk, agents and management.

The system utilizes information from the client, salesperson, rate desk, and shipping agent to ensure that quotes are accurate, profitable, and competitive. Freight Portal automates a process which currently involves long man hours contacting multiple parties throughout the world.

Quotes are automatically populated into a professional word document and e-mailed to the client for approval. These quotes includes rates along with any surcharges, and accessorial charges for inland rates and handling charges.

Clients are given the opportunity to accept a quote by simply selecting the “Accept” link on the e-mailed quote. Accepted quotes are then automatically filed with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission).

The end result is a system that is compliant with FMC regulations, calculates the profitability of a quote, streamlines the process, and wraps it all up in an attractive format which includes the logo of the freight forwarder/consolidator organization.

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