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e2e Bridge

Are Clients Frustrated, Sitting on the Phone for Ocean Updates?

Do you have clients who want to know the latest status of their ocean movements, and your staff spends hours waiting on the phone to get updates?

Is it difficult & confusing to update your tracking systems because you receive information in different formats?

Are You Losing Business Because of Manual Customer Service?

In this competitive world, you must provide up-to-date the information. Unless you can get that information quickly, without the cost of additional staff chasing steamship lines for closeout and arrival information, you cannot compete.

You will continue to either be late in reporting information, or may incur misinformation that destroys your customers’ confidence in you.

Why are Ocean Updates so Difficult?

Manual inquiries – whether phone calls or faxes – are slow and time consuming. Employees can spend hours each day waiting for information. If your customers have to call you, you then need to call an agent, they need to call a steamship line… you get the idea.

With today’s technology, the process can now be automated, delivering the most accurate information to you as soon as it is availble.

e2e Bridge will “Bridge the Gap” Between Systems

Diagram of business information hub connecting Exporter ERP System with carriers, customers, broker, forwarder, and bank. Includes Operations and Customer Support functions.

e2e Bridge allows users of legacy systems to transfer all EDI/300 series data to and from GTNEXUS and INTTRA. In doing so, you can electronically (via EDI / Electronic Data Interchange) pass information in real-time (or near real-time) between systems. Your customers and staff can simply look up statuses online, rather than sitting on the phone.

Limited to current IBM AS/400 users, you will have the ability to view:

  • Booking Requests
  • Booking Confirmations
  • Bills of Lading
  • EDI 315 Status messages provide the logistics status that you can share with others

e2e Bridge Pays for Itself in Just Weeks or Months

The financial rewards are simple. Look across your staff and how much time is being wasted by manually tracking containers and shipments.

On average, companies commit one full-time person for every nine (EVERY NINE WHAT?). Each person saved can yield a cost savings of $50,000 per year, $250,000 in just five years. That’s $250,000 right to the bottom line.

In that savings, we do not add back in the value of customers that would have been lost to your competitors. How much revenue and profit does just one large shipper generate for you?

Factor in the cost savings, revenue savings and increased customer satisfaction, and you will quickly see why e2e Bridge should be at the top of your priority list.

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