ISF 10+2 and ISF 5

What is ISF ?

Whether you are an importer or Customs House Brokerage Firm, you need to start using ISF for your imports. Effective January 26 2010, it is mandatory that you perform ISF filings, and you face significant penalties of $5,000.00 per shipment or seizure for non-compliance.

ISF is operational and delivered to the e2e client base - written and delivered by the same people who were first on ABI and AES, and continue pioneering with a fully tested and approved ISF 10+2 and ISF 5 system connected to CBP.

The e2e ISF solution helps keep you in compliance, avoid delays, penalties and seizure of goods. Specifically, our ISF platform offers:
  • 24 hour 365 day access to the application
  • Intuitive system design
  • Online editing assuring that the filing is in full compliance with all editing done by CBP
  • Online status reporting
  • Accessibility by only authorized entities
  • Security at a field level
  • Access to databases based on the entity type being completed. For example, sellers would be determined from the MID file, buyer’s ship to, etc., based on authority matrices.
  • Automatic email of notifications from Customs to specific parties to keep them informed
  • Generation of ISF filing from legacy entry system
  • Integrated Web, Green Screen and EDI functionality
  • A collaborative effort by all parties is available to complete the transaction
  • Generation of billing details into legacy billing processes
ISF-10 and ISF-5 are supported in this one application.

The e2e ISF System Pays for Itself

Our automated system can reduce your labor savings by up to 90% vs. manually entering ISF information with Customs, paying for itself in just a few months:

Cost Savings Using e2e ISF System

Manual ProcessNumber of Entries Per Day:80
Number of Entries Per Staff:40
# of Additional Staff Required:2
Additional Labor Cost:$78,000.00

Cost of the
e2e Automated Process
Number of Entries Per Day:80
Number of Entries Per Staff:500
# of Additional Staff Required:0.08
Additional Labor Cost:- $6,240.00

Savings Using e2e
vs. Filing Manually
Potential Savings:$71,760.00

Save More by Reducing Costly Mistakes

Our system helps you reduce costs, errors and mistakes by leveraging database records already filed with CBP and can help you move data between systems, avoiding expensive and error-prone re-typing mistakes.

Based on the type of entry, certain fields will become available or will be hidden from the user. (ISF-10 is for shipments that will be shipped to a consignee in the United States, while ISF-5 is for those shipments that are in transit through the United States).

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ISF 10+2
Importer Security Filing

For additional information on the ISF requirements, visit Homeland Security for requirements.

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