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Michael Scherer

Mr. Scherer has been working with freight forwarders, importers, customs brokers and the United States Customs Authority for over 20 years. Involved with the Automated Broker Interface project since its inception, he has designed and implemented numerous interfaces and interactions to facilitate its use. He has had the opportunity to test and critique many of the enhancements to ABI as they have been released and has assisted customs in that effort.

Mr. Scherer has spearheaded many system implementations for large foreign and domestic custom house brokers and importers. He has worked in Europe on a global JIT project for Kuwait. He was responsible for the import purchasing management system for Siemens and Kodak while employed by Cyber Data Systems. Mr. Scherer has been an instructor at Pace University’s World Trade Institute where he instructed students on international trade automation projects.

Mr. Scherer earned an Associates degree in Civil Engineering, a certificate of course completion from Grumman Data Systems Institute and is a licensed customs broker.

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