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e2e Pathfinder

The e2e Seal is a patent-protected, smart container system which tracks and protects any enclosed shipping device such as a standard cargo container used for transporting goods by truck, rail, and sea.

Supported by a backbone of sophisticated databases, and a combination of satellite (GPS) and radio frequency communications (RFID), the e2e Seal has the ability to provide real-time information on cargo contents, status, route, destination, and pinpoint location from end-to-end of the supply chain.

Specifically, the e2e seal has the ability to:

  • Record the inventory of each container using RFID technology
  • Seal cargo containers and remotely report every opening of the container anywhere in the world instantly
  • Track cargo locations and compare current location to planned routes
  • Report security breaches and route deviations to proper authorities and/or client designees
  • Facilitate theft recovery by communicating the location of breached or stolen containers to authorities using a hidden device within the container
  • Provide electronic documentation and cargo manifest information to customs authorities, creating a customs “green lane” and avoid expensive and time consuming inspections.
  • Provide intelligence on shipments to the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies
  • Detect “dirty” bombs utilizing a radiation detector
  • Monitor transportation and logistics workforce
  • Identify individuals accountable for the cargo at each leg of the trip such as warehouse supervisors, truck drivers, or customs agents
  • Improve overall visibility, speed, and safety of the supply chain

The e2e Seal uses a combination of cellular GSM and satellite technology to enable continuous communication with the device anywhere in the world. It can be used to secure and monitor cargo being transported by road, air, rail, ship, or any combination of these methods.

Security status and exact location can be obtained at any point along route, from initial packing in one country, to its final destination thousands of miles away.

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