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e2e Team

Hank Ulrich

President and CEO

A highly respected expert on international trade automation, Mr. Ulrich has founded and served as CEO of three successful computer software companies. He is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a business leader, and an inventor. Mr. Ulrich has broad experience dealing with government officials and international business leaders. The systems developed by his companies currently process over 20 percent of the U.S. import and export transactions. Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Mr. Ulrich immediately recognized the vulnerabilities that existed in the international trade industry and began developing solutions to deal with those real threats. On December 6th of 2005, Mr. Ulrich was granted the Patent for the e2e Seal and system, a smart container system which tracks and protects any enclosed shipping device such as a cargo container or an airline unit load devices (ULD).

On May 16, 2003, Mr. Ulrich formed e2e Logistics Consulting Inc., in order to improve worldwide cargo logistics security and improve upon end-to-end logistic supply chain systems. Prior to e2e, he founded H.B. Ulrich & Associates in 1987. This firm specialized in software applications for Shippers, Forwarders, and Brokers. As president and CEO of the firm for 14 years, he had a client list which included Fortune 10 to 500 firms, prominent Port Authorities, and governments. In 1990, IBM formally recognized the contributions of H.B. Ulrich & Associates in helping IBM win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. In May of 1999 this company was sold to the DCS Group, a publicly traded firm located in the United Kingdom.

Prior to founding H.B. Ulrich & Associates, Mr. Ulrich founded Cyber Data Systems, the first computer software company dedicated to international trade. Cyber provided systems and consulting to the largest American exporters and forwarders. He personally developed the first working ABI (Automated Broker Interface) application. Mr. Ulrich sold Cyber Data Systems to Tymshare, which was then purchased by McDonnell Douglas. As a Vice President at McDonnell Douglas, Mr. Ulrich was responsible for spearheading the development of the community cargo release system (CRESCENT) for the Port of New Orleans. This system is still in use today at the port of New Orleans.

All told, Mr. Ulrich has over 30 years of experience in international trade. From his roots at Mobil Oil’s Export Department where he developed the first automated export shipper system, to his world-class CRESCENT system for the Port of New Orleans, to his development of international trade systems that touch over 20 percent of the import and export transactions today, to his patented smart container system, Mr. Ulrich’s unique expertise in international trade has made him a sought after expert in international trade automation and security.

Michael Scherer

Vice President

Mr. Scherer has been working with freight forwarders, importers, customs brokers and the United States Customs Authority for over 20 years. Involved with the Automated Broker Interface project since its inception, he has designed and implemented numerous interfaces and interactions to facilitate its use. He has had the opportunity to test and critique many of the enhancements to ABI as they have been released and has assisted customs in that effort.

Mr. Scherer has spearheaded many system implementations for large foreign and domestic custom house brokers and importers. He has worked in Europe on a global JIT project for Kuwait. He was responsible for the import purchasing management system for Siemens and Kodak while employed by Cyber Data Systems. Mr. Scherer has been an instructor at Pace University’s World Trade Institute where he instructed students on international trade automation projects.

Mr. Scherer earned an Associates degree in Civil Engineering from Nassau Community College, a certificate of course completion from Grumman Data Systems Institute and is a licensed customs broker.

George Blair

Customer Advocate

Mr. Blair serves as Customer Advocate for e2e Logistics Consulting, heading up customer service and support. He has worked side by side with freight forwarders, importers, and customs brokers for over 25 years. During his tenure with Cyber Data Systems – his first association with Hank Ulrich – he worked on the system for the Port of New Orleans to develop the Crescent System.

George has lead many worldwide system implementations and provided customer service for both domestic and international foreign freight forwarders as well as Customs Brokerage both in the US and Canada. He prides and dedicates himself with understanding the business requirements of the company’s who ultimately make use of the international trade and logistics systems with which he has been associated.

Starting as Air Traffic Controller in the United States Air Force right out of High School, George returned to school at Alan Hancock College in California and Baruch College in New York to study accounting and programming. After managing an IT Department for a Marketing and Public Relations agency in NYC, Mr. Blair ultimately found is way into the international trade logistics community.

Chris Brown

Technology Manager

Chris Brown has been developing systems for Customs Brokerage, Customer Service and Response, Export Systems including military systems, Foreign Trade Zone, Canadian Customs, border crossing facilitation, accounting, inventory for over 30 years. Chris is best known as the author of many of the CASE tools used by e2e to accomplish our coding and simplification.

Chris served his country proudly in the air force before joining the F.W. Myers operation in Rouses Point NY. He was head programmer and responsible for all the EDI work that was done at Myers for their clients and trading partners.

He was employed by H.B. Ulrich & Associates where he spearheaded the Canadian system development for Kuehne Nagel and other Border forwarders.

Grace Hsu

Web Application Development

Grace Hsu is a talented developer, involved in many aspects of system development, including the coding of web-enabled interfaces for the AS/400 for applications such as ISF, our Purchasing system (POET) and new applications for the military.

Grace has a BS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University.

Christopher Ulrich

Special Web Projects & Online Marketing

Chris Ulrich has been developing web applications and online marketing programs since 1998. He has developed a range of programs for clients including Cingular,, Pitney Bowes, American Home Mortgage, Orvis, Citibank and others.

Chris currently focuses on the web based aspects of cargo tracking, document imaging and marketing for e2e Logistics.

Christopher holds degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Hofstra University, and a Juris Doctorate degree from St. John’s University School of Law.

Lorraine Teisch

Director of Strategic Planning

Ms. Teisch is responsible for defining the e2e product lines, negotiating partnerships, instituting performance evaluation metrics, forecasting demand, and monitoring competition.

Prior to joining e2e Logistics, Ms. Teisch was employed for eight years by Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), a Fortune 200 energy company. Most recently, Ms. Teisch was a Project Leader in the Supply Chain Management group, where she led cross-functional teams to improve processes and achieve bottom-line savings. During her tenure at PSEG, Ms. Teisch also worked in Corporate Quality, Corporate Strategy, and Investor Relations.

Ms. Teisch earned a BS in Business Administration from the University of Delaware, with a double major in Marketing and Management and a minor in Economics.

Michael Ulrich

Web & Graphics Design

Michael Ulrich is an experienced web and graphics designer, with creative and project management work for top companies, including Disney, Jumbo Pictures and Scholastic.

Michael primarily focuses on website projects for clients and internal sites.

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