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Electronic CF 214 Filing System

If you or your customers are looking to cut costs and provide a means to file CF 214 electronically with Customs, e2e has the solution for you. The system is available to you via the e2e-FTZ web portal or the IBM i-series.

The system is certified by Customs (CBP) and was designed not only with the international import Customs brokers in mind, but for anyone who has a need to file a CF-214. The e2e FTZ system can be used by all your clients or by a select few. Features that are included in the software are:

  • Printing of the CF-214 in addition to filing
  • Manifest Quantity Concurrence
  • Request Permit to Transfer
  • Regular and Direct Delivery
  • Record arrivals

We Provide Seamless End-to-End Connections from Your Existing Software and Databases

e2e Logistics is the software company whose principles have blazed the automation trails by providing the first solutions for ABI, AES, and other controlled filings. Our experienced staff can bring the knowledge base and solution to your firm that would cost you ten times that amount to develop similar applications.

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Take a few minutes, call our offices at 631-845-1010 and let us demonstrate the power of e2e-FTZ to you today!

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