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Cargo Tracking Security Seal

The e2e Logistics cargo tracking security seal will allow you to track your cargo globally on a real-time basis, with alerts of potential thefts, tampering and diversions.

Process-Patent Security

The e2e Seal is a patent-protected, smart container system which tracks and protects any enclosed shipping device. These shipping devices include airline unit load devices (ULD) used for consolidating freight, standard cargo containers used for transporting goods by truck, rail, and sea, or any other enclosed container which clients need to monitor and protect. Supported by a backbone of sophisticated databases, GPS, satellite and cellular communications, and radio frequency (RFID) technologies, the e2e Seal has the ability to:
  • Seal cargo containers and remotely report every opening of the container anywhere in the world
  • Record the inventory of each container using RFID technology
  • Track cargo locations and compare current location to planned routes
  • Report security breaches and route deviations to proper authorities and/or client designees
  • Facilitate theft recovery by communicating the location of breached or stolen containers to authorities
  • Provide electronic documentation and cargo manifest information to customs authorities, creating a customs “green lane,” limiting costly and time consuming inspections
  • Provide intelligence on shipments to the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies
  • Detect “dirty” bombs utilizing a radiation detector
  • Monitor transportation and logistics workforce
  • Identify individuals accountable for the cargo at each leg of the trip, such as warehouse supervisors, truck drivers, or customs agents
  • Improve overall visibility, speed, and safety of the supply chain

Government & Industry Uses

Potential clients for the e2e Seal include shippers, such as large manufacturers of consumer goods (including pharma, cosmetics, electronics and health care products), freight forwarders/consolidators who are responsible for the efficient shipments of hundreds or thousands of shippers, and government entities, such as the United States Post Office and the Department of Defense. Internationally, there are over $15 trillion dollars worth of goods traded each year. This does not include the value of goods transported within national borders or within the European Union trading communities. The e2e Seal is a comprehensive solution for protecting and tracking these products.

Diverse Communication

The antennas for the Satellite and GSM (cellular) communication are pictured on top of the diagram and are visible on the container door, allowing full access to both Satellite and cellular communications. RFID is included for ports that use RFID technology. Using both cellular and satellite technologies provides redundant communication, with the system detecting the least expensive method based on its current location.

Secure Installation

The Silver section is a “U” clamp that affixes the entire unit to the left door. When the right door is closed and locked, sensors determine the door has been closed and allow arming of the seal. A thumb screw is integrated, designed to maintain pressure on the left door, preventing the device from sliding in transit. No mechanical changes are required to the container equipment; any container can use this device.

Long Life Unit for Reliability

The Square unit on the bottom of the drawing houses the on-board computer and sensors, along with the batteries that will provide up to 3 years of life to the unit. The batteries are periodically tested for strength and heat. If they become too warm, they are shut off and the power source is switched to one of seven alternative batteries.

Field Maintenance if Required

Batteries can be replaced in the field. The device has been designed to accomplish this without a need for a technician. The on board computer is housed in a separate enclosure that is not accessible to those typically handling the device. The Seal is encased inside the housing, nested, in isolation from the batteries, which flank the electronics. The device has been designed to have a minimum life of five years to allow for repetitive use during that time.

Reporting Breached Containers

Containers which have experienced unauthorized access or a deviation from the planned route will immediately send a signal to the e2e Command Center. Client designees will then immediately be contacted for authorization via phone, cell phone, e-mail, pager or any other method requested by the client. If authorization is not received, proper authorities will be contacted for recovery efforts.

Recovering Stolen Cargo

Stolen cargo can be recovered in several ways. For containers only equipped with the e2e Seal on their cargo bay doors, GPS data can be relayed to authorities on a real-time basis, allowing them to pursue on the ground. Additionally, clients may opt to have a secondary device hidden in the cargo or placed in an obscure location within the cargo container. When remotely activated, this device will emit a radio frequency signal which can be picked up by local law enforcement authorities. This frequency is dedicated to the recovery of stolen property.

Monitor Supply Chain Logistics

Clients will be able to view shipment progress using a global mapping system. Historical routes can be plotted and improvements made based on actual shipping experiences. Transportation workforce can also be monitored using this GPS mapping system.

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